This page is a guide for Chat Moderators and Admins/Bureaucrats. These are the reasons users/IP addresses should be banned/blocked.

In ChatEdit

In chat, if a user is misbehaving, you kick them out of the chat. If they return and continue to misbehave, you ban them from chat for a certain amount of time.

Users should be kicked out of/banned from chat if:

They are swearing at another user.

They are being rude towards another user.

They are misbehaving.

They are talking about something inappropriate.

They are trolling

They are sock puppeting as more than one user without confession

On the WikiEdit

Users should be blocked from the wiki if:

They are vandalizing.

They are blanking articles.

They are harrassing another user

Convicted of hacking or sockpuppeting

Periods of TimeEdit

How long they are banned/blocked depends on the assault. Each ban or block will have the most reasonable amount of time depending on how badly the user has disobeyed the rules.

If you don't agree with the block and how long then contact one of the admins.