~ Policy Guide ~
All policies are to be read by future Einherji of Hotel Valhalla. To ensure a safe and pleasureable environment, we ask everyone to follow the rules and be respectful.
Enjoy Your Quests in the Nine Realms!

Here in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Wiki, we have a chat room where users can communicate with other users, all over the world. We have a few rules that need to be followed, for your benefit.


  1. No Profanity  - Little to none profanity is permitted on the chat, swearing at other users is not allowed at all.
  2. Fair Roleplaying -  Roleplaying is encouraged here, but users must have an option of what to do next. For example, while you can say, "Josh stabbed Sarah," it is unfair to say, "Josh stabbed Sarah and she died," because it doesn't give Sarah a chance to defend herself.
  3. No racism- for this can be considered teasing and joking. However many users may take offense, and this will result in 1 kick instead of a warning.
  4. No inappropriate terms- a user has brought to light that they use an inappropriate word as the name of an object. However this result in a kick as well.
  5. No harassing after being told to stop. Such as repeating what others are saying to the point of it becoming annoying, no trolling (spamming with unrelated content to the conversation), and try to be respective to one another.

Punishments for not following the rulesEdit

For more information, see Reasons for blocking/banning.

  • You could be kicked out of chat, as a warning.
  • If you carry on, you could be banned from chat for a certain amount of time, depending on what you were doing.
  • If your actions continue to be obnoxious an adminstrator may be alerted and the offending user can be banned from the wiki for a certain time frame. (Or forever.)